ClientConnect Testimonials

Here's what our customers have to say about ClientConnect and our support team:

Exceeds expectations

I now have been with ClientConnect for 6 months. In this time the membership database has matched my needs to a tee.. I feel all the bases are covered and it really comprehensively covers a Health Clubs needs. It does not fall short in any area and infact it even goes to the next level in what it offers.

Stephen, She Health Club

Happy they selected ClientConnect

You guys have been so great to deal with, we are extremely happy we chose to go with you!

Lizzie, Flex Fitness Australia

Rachel LOVES ClientConnect

I just LOVE this program! LOVE LOVELOVE!!!!  My admin life is so much easier already:)

Rachel, Red Onyx Strength

Support second to none!

The support we receive from PulseTec Solutions is second to none - instant phone contact has ensured our system does not impede our service to our clients. We would highly recommend ClientConnect to any Fitness Centre looking for a comprehensive client management system.

Michelle, Maisha Fitness

Jemma's Job Is Getting Easier

ClientConnect is going great! The setup has been easy and the system is starting to already make my job a lot easier.

Jemma Fitness Club Manager

Penni Enjoys The Time Savings

The business is going really well. Very busy at the moment and the software is a real help.  Very easy to track payments with memberships and other packages we have. Very nifty software!

Penni Fitness Club Manager

Great customer service

Equally important is the support which is provided by the ClientConnect Team – they too are business owners, and so have a great customer service focus, exceeding expectations with their ability to problem solve and meet individual business needs.

Nikki, Get Me Fit

Great support as always

Prompt and clear advice as always, thanks very much!

Regards, Veronica

Carl loves our marketing features

I just created a view of approximately 400 people for a targeted marketing campaign. Using mail merge I was able to send out tailored emails and letters to individuals. This was fantastic. Loving the software.

Carl Fitness Club Manager

Compare what we offer.

Maisha Fitness conducted extensive research prior to selecting ClientConnect as our preferred client management system.
PulseTec Solutions provided us with a trial copy along with on-line and phone support to test the software prior to purchase. PulseTec Solutions also have a  lease to buy option which suited us perfectly. The ability to tailor many of the features of ClientConnect to suit our business operations ensured it was the right software for Maisha Fitness. We have been using ClientConnect for almost nine months and find the system to be extremely comprehensive for all client management requirements.
The support we receive from PulseTec Solutions is second to none - instant phone contact has ensured our system does not impede our service to our clients. 
We would highly recommend ClientConnect to any Fitness Centre looking for a comprehensive client management system.

Cheers, Michelle

Awesome Support!

I would like to thank you and your staff for the awesome support with your company.

Mick Performance Coach

Stephen recommends ClientConnect

Would I recommend ClientConnect to the outside world? Yes I would.. Do I believe I experience value for money? Yes I do..   My recommendation is to give Client Connect a try and then I believe you will be pleasantly surprised with the value you receive. Again it does not fall short in any area.

Stephen, She Health Club

Selecting ClientConnect

Back in 2008, our company, Listen To Your Body, was in the market for a front desk system that can have a highly functional booking system, client database information, reporting and a solid point of sale system. We met with 3 industry companies that offered our requirements and we found that ClientConnect was very simple to use, affordable and most importantly very functional for the way we run our business, hence why we choose their system.
I would recommend using ClientConnect to anyone in the health and fitness industry looking for a sophisticated simple yet very detailed front desk system.

Ben Fletcher Director Listen to your body

Bruce Likes How Simple & Fast It Is

It works brilliantly, it's fast and the trainers love it, my day to day work is now simple and fast.

Bruce Personal Training Studio Owner

Steph appreciates our expertise and experience.

I really feel obliged to say a huge thank you for your help setting up my services and packages on ClientConnect. You really had so much great advice to offer and the word document you created for me is gold. So thanks a lot, you're a champ!

Kind regards, Steph

Well done Support Team

Just want to thank you so much for helping Simon out today and getting ClientConnect up and running.  I really appreciate how quickly you respond to our support inquiries and how efficiently and effectively they are handled.  Very reassuring.

Pete Vital Habits

Looking for the COMPLETE SOLUTION!

ClientConnect offers integration with several leading service providers to deliver you added functionality & time savings.

Streamline and manage your Direct Debit Billing.


Stay connected to your clients, members and enquiries with SMS and email integration.


Grow your membership and bottom line through improved Member Retention.


Active Health & Fitness Industry supporter and participant.  

More ways to engage and motivate your clients and help them achieve their goals.


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