Member Check-in

...track your member activity

Check-in Members. Streamline check-ins. Record attendances, verify identity and display alerts.


Track Client/Member Activity. Automatically build up a complete history of your client/member activity.

  • Sale of packages, services & memberships
  • Client accounts tracking including invoices, payments, credits, refunds and direct debiting
  • Memberships management (including term and periodic debit memberships)
    • attendance history
    • suspension history
    • renewal history
  • Member check-in including scanning using barcoded key tags
  • Punchcards
  • Class check-in
  • Booking attendance including "No-Shows", "Cancellations" and "Late Cancels"
  • Alerts: Messages, overdue accounts, birthdays and follow-ups
  • Booking session tracking and countdown

 Need 24/7 access control?  Simply add WinDSX to the solution. Call us for more details.

Looking for the COMPLETE SOLUTION!

Streamline your front desk!

Scan in members

Stop membership sharing

Have full member details at your fingertips

Speed up front counter service


Need membership key tags?

Membership Key Tags